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"By examining the intersection of crowdsourcing and games, Schrier provides a novel perspective on the role of games in society. This innovative book will resonate with students and scholars interested in game studies, computer science, and education."

"Amidst all the many recent books on games, Karen Schrier’s Knowledge Games is something really new and truly important. Knowledge games are games where everyday people, without degrees or credentials, contribute to science, make knowledge, and sometimes best the experts. It’s all part of the larger Maker Movement and the drive for collective intelligence."

"This book cuts through the thick fog of hype that surrounds games as learning tools in universities, businesses, and foundations. In place of blinkered ludophilia, Schrier offers a useful new category for thinking about games as machines by whose means we can do the work that produces new knowledge."

"Karen Schrier is thorough and clear in thinking through the interlacing issues involved with knowledge games. This book provides an important and critical overview of their development and experience."

"This book is accessible on many levels and creates opportunities for game players, game designers and game scholars to understand their own knowledge-building processes when working with games."

"... a substantial literature review of the vast – and rapidly growing – field of games that contribute to knowledge production."

"... Knowledge Games serves as our entry point into a new conversation about the potential—and soon to be reality—of video games."

"... Schrier does a great job of clearing a space where we can chat about games’ potential for giving us new perspectives on old problems."

Knowledge Games
How Playing Games Can Solve Problems, Create Insight, and Make Change
Publication Date: 15 Jun 2016
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 280 pages
Illustrations: 18 halftones
ISBN: 9781421419206