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"Lane's vast array of case studies and allusions in analyzed by a fertile imagination that bounces between ethnolography, iconography, phenomenology, and poetics. A joy to read, this richly footnoted study is mind-boggling in its provocative assertion of the deep mysteries of place-bound identities."

"This expanded edition of Lane's 1988 book benefits from over a decade of heightened scholarly interest in place and religion."

"Both scholar and pilgrim, Belden Lane provides us a remarkably informed, reflective, personal account of Americans' sense of sacred space."

"Lane offers an essay tour that is also a tour de force."

"Clearly written and grounded in far-ranging scholarship... Anyone interested in American history and, more specifically, with American spirituality will be deeply enriched by studying (not just reading) this brilliant text."

"Read Belden Lane's book and you will encounter your own desire for that elusive sacred country where the ordinary world changes from the moment to the eternal, where opposites are reconciled and all things are drawn to the center in an irresistible confluence."

"[Lane] points to things I have quietly suspected, though never have been able to articulate... For a culture obsessed with time and time management, Lane's study is a quiet reminder of the formative effect of space."

"Landscapes of the Sacred is primarily a work in Christian spirituality, but it also ranges over religious traditions, literary landscapes, and personal experiences, illuminating a path to deeper understanding of the sacred meanings attached to places. This is no shallow synthesis. By constantly attending to concrete descriptions of places, and the tensions and contraductions that arise in the interpretation of sacred space, Lane provides direction for anyone seeking to understand this issue."