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Table Of Contents

Preface to the Johns Hopkins Edition
Introduction: Place and Meaning in American Spirituality

Part 1: Place in American Religious Life
Chapter 1: Axioms for the Study of Sacred Place
Chapter 2: Giving Voice to the Place: Three Models for Understanding American Sacred Space

Part 2: The Geography of American Spiritual Traditions
Mythic Landscapes: The Ordinary as Mask for the Holy
Chapter 3: Seeking a Sacred Center: Places and Themes in Native American Spirituality
Mythic Landscapes: The Mountain That Was God
Chapter 4: Baroque Spirituality in New Spain and New France
Mythic Landscapes: The Desert Imagination of Edward Abbey
Chapter 5: The Puritan Reading of the New England Landscape
Mythic Landscapes: Galesville, Wisconsin: Locus Mirabilis
Chapter 6: The Correspondence of Spiritual and Material Worlds in Shaker Spirituality
Mythic Landscapes: Liminal Places in the Evangelical Revival
Chapter 7: Precarity and Permanence: Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Sense of Place
Part 3: Method and Perspective in Studying American Spirituality and Place
Chapter 8: The Ephemeral Character of Place: Problems in Articulating an American Sense of Sacred Space
Chapter 9: Edwards and the Spider as Symbol: Reflections on Spirituality as an Academic Discipline
Chapter 10: The Imagined Landscape: The Tension between Place and Placelessness in Christian Spirituality