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"Late antiquity is emerging as a field in its own right, and an earlier review... noted three essential works. Kulikowski's is a fourth."

"This book makes a valuable contribution with its vivid presentation and synthesis of recent Spanish archaeological research."

"Kulikowski has succeeded in laying the foundations for ever more detailed enquiries about the history of a period which scholars are less and less ready to characterize as 'of limited interest' and 'transitional.'"

"Kulikowski's book is one of extraordinary sweep, vision, and scholarship... Provides a comprehensive picture of Roman urban institutions and society in Spain, as well as a detailed examination of their transformation into the Christian world of the early Middle Ages in a fashion that is at once accessible, informed, and illuminating."

"A valuable and fascinating contribution... which shows us how the history of this period should be written."

"This thought-provoking and stimulating study demands a fundamental reappraisal of some of the long-standing assumptions of social and urban transformation: not only in Spain, but in the western empire as a whole."

"Well-produced and easy to use... Extremely useful."

"A powerful and important contribution to debates about the nature of the peninsula at this time."

"Has the merit of introducing the Anglophone reader reader to the most recent archaeological research from Spain and Portugal, a subject he knows very well."

"A narrative history of Spain from AD 400 to 500, the establishment of a Gothickingdom in the early 6th century and what this meant for the mechanics and institutions of town and city life, complete the work."

"This book will result in a significant re-evaluation of the way we view late and post-Roman Spain."