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"William I. Robinson has delivered us a powerful statement on contemporary Latin America as both a product of globalization and a challenge to the view that 'there is no alternative.' This is a wide ranging political economy which is both well researched and eminently readable. A must!"

"Building on his pathbreaking work on emerging transnational states, classes, and relations of production, William Robinson reveals the deepening, overlapping, and ultimately unsustainable global crises of legitimacy, overaccumulation, and polarization. Robinson argues with great analytical lucidity that Latin America's current 'left turn,' more than a manifestation of turbulence, is a struggle over the shape of the new world to come."

"Robinson's book is a model for critical globalization studies—empirically grounded and theoretically sophisticated. He shows us how Latin America is on the frontlines in the struggle to determine what will succeed the neoliberal paradigm of the capitalist global order."

"A scathing indictment of neoliberal globalization from an explicitly anti-capitalist perspective... An exemplary treatment of Latin America’s present day political economy and social predicaments."

"An important book for anyone interested in where our imperiled planet is headed. Robinson... is admirably thorough in his overview of the direction capitalism has taken in Latin America since the 1970s."

"Robinson's latest book offers brilliant insight into the underlying causes and current dilemmas of globalization."

"This book is a must read, not only for Latin American specialists, but for all those who draw the connection between political economy at the world level and strategies for change."

"An important contribution to globalization studies."

"His heterodox and challenging views make provocative reading."

"William I. Robinson has demonstrated once again his importance as a theorist and socially committed academic with his book Latin America and Global Capitalism. This book is a 'must-read' for any scholar interested in the dynamics of contemporary capitalism as well as its specific features in Latin America."

"A provocative and worthwhile read for those interested in the political economy of Latin America as well as the processes of globalization."