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"The 'Latour' presented here is an intriguing network composed of diverse passions, concerns, inversions, colleagues, sermons, and fears. This collection amply demonstrates that his work offers a polyphonous, contentious, liberating, exasperating, and stimulating source of inspiration to that other amalgam, the humanities. Enjoy!"

"Bruno Latour is a protean thinker who has addressed the most crucial concerns of contemporary life, from networks to high technology to climate change. The essays in this volume innovatively apply Latour's insights to the humanities, exploring the current state of the field but also working to propose new directions."

"Can the humanities still matter in a world of climate change and technological disruption? Can they wean themselves from the genteel (if angst-ridden) comforts of cultural critique? These accomplished and enlivening essays address these and other timely questions, making the case that Bruno Latour shows us paths and risks worth taking."

"This excellent introduction to Latour's work fully embraces its adventurous quality. Bringing together leading scholars from across disciplinary boundaries, this book draws inspiration from Latour's art of interpretation to re-activate scholarship as a way of engaging with today's great challenges of ecological crisis, digital transformation, and economic turmoil."