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Table Of Contents

Introduction, by Rita Felski

I. What Do the Humanities Do?
1. Stephen Muecke, An Ecology of Institutions: Recomposing the Humanities 00
2. Antoine Hennion, From ANT to Pragmatism: A Journey with Bruno Latour at the CSI 00
3. Graham Harman, Demodernizing the Humanities with Latour
4. Heather Love, Care, Concern, and the Ethics of Description
5. Anders Blok and Casper Bruun Jensen, Redistributing Critique
6. Steven Connor, Decomposing the Humanities
7. Dipesh Chakrabarty, Humanities in the Anthropocene: The Crisis of an Enduring Kantian Fable
8. Yves Citton, Fictional Attachments and Literary Weavings in the Anthropocene
9. Simon During, Are the Humanities Modern?
10. Nigel Thrift, The University of Life

II. Latour and the Disciplines
11. David J. Alworth, Critique, Modernity, Society, Agency: Matters of Concern in Literary Studies
12. Claudia Breger, Cinematic Assemblies: Latour and Film Studies
13. Michael Witmore, Latour, the Digital Humanities, and the Divided Kingdom of Knowledge
14. Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Anthropotheology: Latour Speaking Religiously
15. Gerard de Vries, Politics Is a "Mode of Existence": Why Political Theorists Should Leave Hobbes for Montesquieu
16. Patrice Maniglier, Art as Fiction: Can Latour's Ontology of Art Be Ratified by Art Lovers? (An Exercise in Anthropological Diplomacy
17. Francis Halsall, Actor-Network Aesthetics: The Conceptual Rhymes of Bruno Latour and Contemporary Art

Life among Conceptual Characters, by Bruno Latour