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"A great practical addition to the literature on leadership in the academy, this book will be of interest to women who are in faculty roles in higher education and to those women who aspire to the highest levels of leadership. Hass takes a personal and well-rounded approach to professional development that considers all aspects of readers' identities."

"Providing guidance and support for women who aspire to significant leadership roles in higher education, this appealing, inviting book offers the kind of thoughtful, experience-based, practical advice and guidance that I think many women would find very helpful. The book does not read like a manual; it reads like the words of a mentor."

"Marjorie Hass provides compelling insights into the nature of academic leadership. At a time when diverse voices in higher education are more critical than ever, she offers both practical advice and inspiration for women seeking advancement in the academy."

"Marjorie Hass provides sound advice to women at all stages of their career in an approachable and conversational manner. Unlike other books on leadership, Marjorie's guide engages the reader through a series of compelling and refreshingly honest personal vignettes. Highly recommended reading for women as they navigate a career in the academy."

"Marjorie Hass is one of academe's brightest lights. Her impact as a campus leader is great, and her advocacy for women in leadership is even more impressive and important. May this new book light the way for more women to find their way into leadership in higher education."

"This book offers an honest and accessible narrative to support women as they discern their future in academic leadership. Rather than proposing a one-size-fits-all theory, Hass encourages leaders to determine their own authentic passions and ambitions. Her purposeful focus on inclusion provides a necessary and powerful opportunity for diverse women to see themselves in the leadership pipeline."

"Open any page of Marjorie Hass' A Leadership Guide for Women in Higher Education, and you will find nuggets of wisdom relevant to your life and work. It is not only an excellent guide, but a series of well-told truths about the experiences of women in academic leadership: how we understand and hold power, how we approach and transform conflict, how we navigate disrespect (including the well-intentioned kind). Hass gives us a helpful chapter on finding joy in our work—but it should be said that the entire book is itself a way of finding joy in academic leadership. For every woman whose vision and creativity have landed her in a leadership role, whether she is at the beginning, middle, or end of her career, this book is a rich and inspiring resource."