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"Examining how universities take insight from learning science and apply it organizationally and systematically, this book asks important questions while positioning itself within some key debates that have been going on for the past decade or so in higher education. Kim and Maloney seek to make real-world change in addition to contributing knowledge about this emerging field and set of practices."

"Kim and Maloney offer a nuanced exploration of what higher education institutions need to consider in order to evolve and thrive in changing times. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in where higher education is going and what to do when we get there."

"As technology transforms how we live and work, universities are waking up to their obligation to educate students as adaptable lifelong learners. Kim and Maloney have written an important study of the currents changing how we teach and learn, sounding an articulate call for institutional change. They offer a valuable reminder that, to serve the learners of tomorrow, universities must foster a culture of innovation today.Joshua Kim and Edward Maloney"

"Malone and Kim assemble a range of evidence from across academia to offer both illumination and inspiration for learning innovation, alongside practical steps for college and university progress. They demonstrate that higher education is in the midst of a renaissance in teaching and learning, even while increasing pressures hit that sector."