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Table Of Contents

Part I: Changes in Education Over Time
Chapter 1. Assimilation, Adjustment, and Access: An Antiquarian View of American Education
Chapter 2. Who's in Charge? Federal, State, and Local Control
Chapter 3. Attitudes, Choices, and Behavior: School Delivery
Part II: Equity and Multiculturalism
Chapter 4. Changing Conceptions of Educational Equity
Chapter 5. Ethnic Diversity and National Identity
Chapter 6. American History Reconsidered: Asking New Questions About the Past
Part III: Recent Strategies For Reforming the Schools
Chapter 7. The Search for Order and the Rejection of Conformity: Standards in American EDucation
Chapter 8. Reinventing Schooling
Chapter 9. The New Politics of Choice
Part IV: The Six National Goals
Chapter 10. School Readiness and Early Childhood Education
Chapter 11. School Leaving: Dead End or Detour?
Chapter 12. Rhetoric and Reality: The High School Curriculum
Chapter 13. Literate America: High-Level Adult Literacy as a National Goal
Chapter 14. Reefer Madness and A Clockwork Orange

Learning from the Past
What History Teaches Us about School Reform
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