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"The massive, magical leatherback remains the last ancient survivor of an otherwise now-extinct family of sea turtles. They survive as Earth’s heaviest reptile and a warm-blooded one to boot. They have been called ‘the largest wild animal you can walk right up to with no fear of being attacked.’ In this excellent volume, the people who have spent their lives learning more, first-hand, about leatherback turtles than anyone in history, share centuries worth of field-knowledge and deep thought. If this book was available when I was writing Voyage of the Turtle, I’d have written a much better book!"

"Despite the dire issues facing the Leatherback, the book shows tremendous respect for its subject and a genuine, educated commitment to save the remarkable Leatherback."

"The Leatherback Turtle provides a global reference for a globally distributed species and fills any number of data gaps for biologists, managers and citizen-scientists, especially in places such as the southeastern United States that are documenting an increasing trend in leatherback nesting."