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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. Grimaldi at the Gates of Muscovy (Fall 1689)
2. Making the Worst of a Bad Assignment: Origines Guelficae and the Linguistic Project (Autumn 1690-Summer 1692)
3. Building the Network (Winter 1691-Summer 1692)
4. The Jesuit Search for an Overland Route to China (1685-1689)
5. Seeking the Languages of Grand Tartary (August 1693-December 1694)
6. Assembling Novissima Sinica (February-September 1695)
7. Johan Gabriel Sparwenfeld and Gothic Origins (November 1695-December 1697)
8. The Grand Embassy of Peter the Great (Summer-Fall 1697)
9. The Jesuits of Paris and China (1689, November 1697-March 1698)
10. The Foundations of Modern Historical Linguistics (1697-1716)
Appendix I. "Desiderata circa linguas quorundam populorum"
Appendix II. Plan for a Moscow Academy of Sciences and Arts
Index of Letters
General Index