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Part 1. Introduction to LGBTQ Health Research
Introduction. Queering Research
Ron Stall, Ronald O. Valdiserri, and Richard J. Wolitski
Chapter 1. Human Rights and LGBTQ Health: Inseparable Challenges
Chris Beyrer
Chapter 2. Global Health / LGBTQ Health
Tonia Poteat and Shauna Stahlman
Chapter 3. A Love Note to Future Generations of LGBTQ Health Researchers
Ron Stall, Chris Beyrer, Tonia Poteat, Brian Dodge, and José Bauermeister

Part 2. Descriptive Research Methods
Introduction. Why Are Methods and Approaches So Important for LGBTQ Health Research?
Brian Dodge and Mark L. Hatzenbuehler
Chapter 4. Definitions: "Straight, that is not gay"—Moving beyond Binary Notions of Sexual and Gender Identities

Randall Sell and Kerith Conron
Chapter 5. Sampling Considerations for LGBTQ Health Research
Christopher Owens, Ron Stall, and Brian Dodge
Chapter 6. Theory as a Practical Tool in Research and Intervention
Ilan H. Meyer, with the Generations Study Investigators
Chapter 7. Creating and Adapting LGBTQ-Specific Measures to Explain Disparities
Joshua G. Rosenberger
Chapter 8. Multilevel Approaches to Understanding LGBTQ Health Disparities
Mark L. Hatzenbuehler
Chapter 9. Social-Network Approaches to HIV Prevention and Care
Carl Latkin and Karin E. Tobin
Chapter 10. Why Focus on Gay Couples in HIV Prevention Research?
Colleen Hoff

Part 3. Intervention Design and Research
Introduction. How Does LGBTQ Health Research Inform Interventions?
José Bauermeister
Chapter 11. Engaging Populations in LGBTQ Health Interventions
Rob Stephenson and Erin Riley
Chapter 12. Finding the Right Approach for Interventions with LGBTQ Populations
Stephen L. Forssell, Peter Gamache, and Rita Dwan
Chapter 13. Program Development Considerations for LGBTQ Health Interventions
José Bauermeister, Ryan C. Tingler, and Gary W. Harper
Chapter 14. From Discovery to Application: Challenges in Effectiveness and Implementation Research for the Promotion of LGBTQ Health and Wellness
Robin Lin Miller and Angulique Y. Outlaw


LGBTQ Health Research
Theory, Methods, Practice
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