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Life After Stroke

'Life After Stroke' cover image

Life After Stroke

The Guide to Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Stroke

In this compassionate guide, three expert physicians who treat people with stroke describe how to navigate the path to recovery. Their practical advice on treatment, rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes is also designed to help prevent another stroke.

Drs. Stein, Silver, and Frates begin by explaining how stroke occurs and what happens when different parts of the brain are injured. They describe diagnostic tools such as CT scans and MRIs as well as medications used to prevent and treat stroke, and they explain in detail how stroke survivors can heal optimally. They also set out plans to help survivors reduce the risk of another stroke, including the Stroke Savvy Exercise Plan and Stroke Savvy Diet Plan.

Relating patients' experiences and bringing readers up to date on promising new treatments, Life After Stroke offers hope to stroke survivors and their families.