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Table Of Contents

Note on Sources
Introduction. The Mind of the Persuader
Chapter 1. Rhetorical Contexts
Chapter 2. The Lyceum Address
Chapter 3. The Temperance Address
Chapter 4. The Speech on the War with Mexico and the Eulogy for Zachary Taylor
Chapter 5. The Eulogy for Henry Clay
Chapter 6. The Kansas-Nebraska Speech
Chapter 7. The "House Divided" Speech
Chapter 8. Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions
Chapter 9. The Milwaukee Address
Chapter 10. The Cooper Union Address
Chapter 11. Presidential Eloquence and Political Religion
Chapter 12. The Farewell Address
Chapter 13. The First Inaugural, the Gettysburg Address, and the Second Inaugural
Postscript. The Letter to Mrs. Bixby

Lincoln's Speeches Reconsidered
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