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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Learning to Listen
Part I: Death in Theory
1. Giving Death Its Due: An Interview with Robert Jay Lifton (June 8, 1990, New York, New York)
2. Traumatic Temporality: An Interview with Jean Laplanche (October 23, 1994, Paris, France)
3. A Record That Has Yet to Be Made: An Interview with Dori Laub (June 15–16, 2013, Woodbury, Connecticut)
4. Mad Witnesses: A Conversation with Françoise Davoine andJean-Max Gaudillière (May 18, 2012, Burgundy, France)
Part II: A Revolutionary Act
5. The AIDS Crisis Is Not Over: A Conversation with Gregg Bordowitz,Douglas Crimp, and Laura Pinsky. Conducted with Thomas Keenan (September 25, 1991, New York, New York)
6. The Politics of Trauma: A Conversation with Judith Herman (May 16, 2013, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
7. The Body Keeps the Score: An Interview with Bessel van der Kolk (June 17, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts)
8. The Haunted Self: An Interview with Onno van der Hart (July 16, 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
9. Words and Wounds: An Interview with Geoffrey Hartman (September 11, 1994, New Haven, Connecticut)
10. A Revolutionary Act—The Video Testimonies of the Nia Project: An Interview with Members of the Grady Nia Team (October 2 and 9, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia)
Part III: The System Is Weeping
11. Apocalypse Terminable and Interminable: An Interview with Arthur S. Blank Jr. (January 23, 2013, Washington, DC)
12. Filming Madness: A Conversation with Mieke Bal and Françoise Davoine (November 26, 2011, Vevey, Switzerland)
13. A Ghost in the House of Justice: A Conversation with Shoshana Felman (August 7, 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel)