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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
A Note on Usage
1. "Little London": Imperial Publics, Imperial Spectacles
Indian Public Opinion and John Bullism of the Heart
The Panorama and the Fabled Cap of Fortunatus
Inventing Tradition: Durga Puja, Idolatry, and Sympathy
2. Secret Sharers and Evangelical Signs: The Idol, the Book, and the Intense Objectivism of Robert Southey
Baptists, Print, and Idolatry
The Museum of the Bristol Baptist College and the Service of Idols
"Amenable to wooden gods": Evangelicalism, Idolatry, and The Curse of Kehama
3. "I would not have the day return": Henry Derozio and Rammohun Roy in Cosmopolitan Calcutta
East Indians and "Modern Hindoo Sects"
Rammohun Roy and Hindu Unitarianism
Derozio, Memory, Modernity
4. "Little Bengal": Returned Exiles, Rammohun Roy, and Imperial Sociability
Oriental Tales and Orient Pearls
Jaut Bhaees in Hanover Square: Returned Exiles and the Oriental Club
"The Rajah was there": Rammohun Roy and the Romance of Conversation