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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: How am I Going to Get Through This?

Part I: Making Sense of Your Diagnosis
Chapter 2: Setting the Goals of Treatment
Chapter 3: Understanding the Biology of Cancer
Chapter 4: What Is a Liquid Tumor?
Chapter 5: How to Prepare for Treatment
Chapter 6: Tests and Scans in Treatment
Chapter 7: How Am I Supposed to Cope with This?
Chapter 8: How Do I Cope with Changes in My Body?

Part II: Managing Symptoms and Side Effects
Chapter 9: Controlling Nausea
Chapter 10: Managing Constipation, Diarrhea, and Bowel Obstruction
Chapter 11: Minimizing Pain
Chapter 12: Should I Worry about Shortness of Breath?
Chapter 13: What If I’m Losing Weight?
Chapter 14: What if I Have a Sudden Fever?
Chapter 15: Bleeding and Clotting Issues
Chapter 16: Why am I So Exhausted?
Chapter 17: Why Do People Keep Asking if I Am Depressed or Anxious?
Chapter 18: How Does Cancer Affect My Brain?

Part III: Dealing with Progressing Cancer
Chapter 19: They Tell Me the Cancer Is Progressing
Chapter 20: Living and Hoping with Advancing Cancer
Chapter 21: What About Practical Concerns?
Chapter 22: My Doctor Says that Chemotherapy Is No Longer Effective
Chapter 23: My Body Feels Like It’s Shutting Down
Chapter 24: What Is a Good Death?