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"I have recommended this book to many patients and each one has commented on how it has helped them better understand heart failure and heart failure treatments... Some have noted that it has 'demystified' heart failure for them, and made it less scary."

"Brave, wise, unblinking, Living Well with Heart Failure is more than a book. For heart patients, it's the perfect friend. Calm, clear, deeply knowledgeable and helpful and reassuring... It may be the best single source on smart living with a bad heart that anyone can buy."

"A must-read for anyone who's been diagnosed with the condition or who will contribute to the care of someone with it. Throughout, the book takes a calm, careful and responsible approach to explaining what's happening to your body in heart failure, and what you can do to live better with it... I'll be sure to recommend it to a family member with heart failure."

"Patients will learn a lot about this common and important disease. But so will doctors. Every non-cardiologist should spend an hour or two with Living Well with Heart Failure."

"Remarkably comprehensive, well organized and understandable. Could only be produced by a great physician-expert and his patient (who by chance) is a great professional medical journalist."

"I highly recommend this outstandingly smart book; it will change the way you think about the heart and about your own health. In Living Well with Heart Failure, authors renowned heart specialist Dr. Edward Kasper and award-winning medical journalist Mary Knudson, have created an exceptionally helpful and incredibly readable way to explore the ways the heart fails and the ways we can help manage—and even heal—an injured organ. The result is an engaging and important exploration of human health, valuable not only to those suffering from heart failure but all the rest of us who want to preserve and protect vitality and well being."

"If you have heart failure, read this book!... These two experts have teamed up to write a guide for people with heart failure that is understandable, thoughtful, and complete. Kasper and Knudson lead you from symptoms to testing to treatments-all in a style that is clear and precise. Living Well with Heart Failure is the perfect introduction to heart failure."

"With about 6 million Americans living with heart failure today, I can see this book serving as a guide and as a resource for many patients and their families for years."

"A key component of the management of heart failure is the patient’s understanding of the disease leading to an informed dialogue with the physician. This well-written book is a great learning tool for patients and an excellent first step in the relationship between the patient and his or her physician. Dr. Edward Kasper and Ms. Mary Knudson, by writing this book, have provided a real service to patients with heart failure."

"A bad ticker doesn't mean a bad life. Living Well with Heart Failure, the Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition is a complete and comprehensive guide to heart failure."

"A book that will enable people to begin learning the basics of heart failure—its causes, symptoms, treatment, and challenges."

Living Well with Heart Failure, the Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition
Publication Date: 2010
Status: Available
Usually ships 2-3 business days after receipt of order.
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 280 pages
Illustrations: 20 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801894237