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"Rodda has given us a new framework for thinking about lizard natural history... Any scholar of lizard biology or natural history should think of adding this book to their library. It will be a wonderful resource for years to come."

"Anyone who wants to deeply understand the true nature of what makes a lizard a lizard will be left in awe of the level of scholarship, detailed research, thought, and creativity that went into this unique contribution... It absolutely belongs on the shelf of any lab with even a passing interest in herpetology and in every university library, if only for the sheer number of masters and doctoral theses it is sure to inspire."

"Lizards of the World is an absolute must for any serious lizard biologist or graduate student planning to work with lizards. The price is hefty, but accounting for the time it would require to track down natural history data for any single species without this book makes it worth every cent... Serious readers will learn a lot of ecology and evolutionary biology from the text and should come away with a nearly unlimited set of ideas for future research."

"From Ablepharus to Zygaspis this book was a massive, unparalleled undertaking. The result is indisputably the most thorough coverage ever published of the biology of every known lizard in the world... This volume will be an essential reference for anyone conducting research on any species of lizard anywhere in the world. Its value as a source of natural history information cannot be overstated."