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"Goldsmith's proposals are worth exploring... He paints a persuasive picture of a more positive outcome for both baby boomers and our economy."

"A 'must' for any college-level collection on social issues and contemporary American social history."

"Too often experts look at the aging of the baby boom and see only insoluble fiscal, health, and social problems. Jeff Goldsmith takes this demographic challenge as an opportunity to adopt innovative policies that would create a more equitable and productive economy and a healthier society."

"This is an important, timely, and constructive book—a must-read for those concerned about the demographic and political challenges facing U.S. social policy as the boomer generation reaches their 60s. Goldsmith proposes many ideas—some bold and controversial—for how this huge generation can thrive while continuing to contribute to the broader social good. His pro-growth, pro-savings, and pro-health improvement agenda offers a strong rebuttal to the 'sky is falling' conventional wisdom that he terms 'catastrophanarian.' His thoughtful proposals should be the basis for a national debate about how we each want to grow older and what kind of society we want to do it in."

"I share Jeff Goldsmith’s optimism. Boomers are a deep pool of resources, knowledge, and energy which, if we make the right social choices, could help power American society for at least another two decades. Anyone who is thinking seriously about the next twenty years should read The Long Baby Boom."