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"The text is chock full of the thoughts of some of America's leading experts on the caring side of health care. This book should be read by any health care professional with an interest in this dimension of health care and is a must read for the medical community. A marvelous text."

"On the whole, this volume deepens our understanding and appreciation of the importance of caring for all who are in need of personal attention and assistance when ill and disabled. The contributors seem to have given much thought to their chapters, weaving together personal stories, clinical experiences, research findings, and proposals for change."

"A remarkable broad and well-integrated package of philosophy and fact, a valuable and compact resource for health care professionals, as well as legislators and social scientists."

"This book provides a great service by drawing attention to the vital role of caring in health care and caregiving. As it makes clear, caring—the concern, compassion, and support of health professionals, family members, and communities—is of great importance to those who are coping with illness or disability and are in pain and suffering. I strongly commend The Lost Art of Caring as essential reading. This book highlights the challenges to be met if we are to rekindle caring as an essential part of our culture. After all, at one time or another in our lives, we will all need caring."