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Lourmarin in the Eighteenth Century

'Lourmarin in the Eighteenth Century' cover image

Lourmarin in the Eighteenth Century

A Study of a French Village

Originally published in 1971. In the 1970s, social historians of seventeenth-century France began examining the social changes in the ancien régime in an effort to reconstruct the events leading up to the French Revolution. Thomas Sheppard examines Lourmarin, a mainly Protestant village with a small textile industry. He seeks to answer a series of questions posed at the outset of the book: What was daily life like in an eighteenth-century French village? How was village government organized? To what extent did community leaders regulate village political life? What effect did the Revolution have on life in the village? Sheppard answers these questions with his archival work in Lourmarin. He concludes his work with an investigation of the effects of the Revolution on life in Lourmarin following 1789.