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Table Of Contents

Thanks and Appreciation
1. Introduction: Navigating the Journey
2. Peggy: The Ultimate Toll
With Alicia Murray
3. Deborah: A Daughter's Journey
4. Charles: There Is Nothing Wrong with Me
5. Frances: What Is Dementia?
6. Jill: Into the Dementia Wonderland
7. Natalie: Much More than Words
8. Vada: Past, Present, and Future
9. Joe: Communicating the Gift of Value
10. Lucy and Betty: Thinking Outside the Box
11. Edna: You're Just Imagining Things
12. Margie: If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing...
13. Harry: It's Bath Night!
14. Rose, Edith, and Samuel: One Size Does Not Fit All
15. Susan: Dealing with Disruption
With Alicia Murray
16. Grace: Moving beyond Guilt
With Alicia Murray
17. Virginia: Laughter Is Therapeutic
With Alicia Murray
18. Maria and Andreas: In Sickness and in Health
19. Beatrice and Henry: The Power of Gratitude
20. Sean: The Puzzling Pieces of Grief
With Denise Howard
21. Lessons, Perceptions, and Approaches: A Reader's Guide
The Dementia-Aware Guide to Caregiving
About the Authors