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"The Machine in America's modest preface fails to acknowledge the magnitude of the task undertaken by Carroll Pursell... This book succeeds in achieving Pursell's goals."

"Certainly one of the best introductions to the history of American technology... Highly recommended."

"What differentiates this book and makes it especially appealing is its coverage of agricultural and environmental topics. These subjects are often overlooked by historians of technology, and Pursell's inclusion of them represents an important step toward integrating these fields."

"The Machine in America has been enduring for multiple reasons, including its solid prose, excellent illustrations and captions, use of current themes (gender, race, class), focus on how society constructs technology, and a critical view of technology as something that historically has been used in America, all too often, to reinforce the powerful rather than help the weak."

"It would be hard to find a better introduction to the history of American technology—or, for that matter, to American history itself."

"A balanced and clearly written account of the development of American manufacturing and engineering from the colonial period to the present."