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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Jane Austen Matters
Part I: Jane Austen, Illustrated
1. Austen's First English Illustrator: Ferdinand Pickering's Vioctorian Sensationalism
2. Visual Austen Experiments: From Lush Landscapes to Bearded Heroes
3. A Golden Age for Illustrated Austen: From Peacocks to Photoplays
Part II: Jane Austen, Dramatized
4. Austen's First Dramatist: Rosina Filippi's Duologues for Every Cultivated Amateur
5. Playing Mr. Darcy before Laurence Olivier: Cross Dressing, Consuming Passion, and Cracking the Whip
6. Dear Jane: Christian Spinster, Feminist Flirt, and Shadow Actress
7. Stage to Screen Pride and Prejudice: Hollywood's Austen and Its Unrealized Screenplays
Part III: Jane Austen, Politicized
8. The Night of the Divine Jane: Men's Club Clashes and Politics in the Periodical Press
9. Stone-Throwing Jane Austen: Suffragist Street Activism, Grand Pageants, and Costume Parties
Part IV: Jane Austen, Schooled
10. The First Jane Austen Dissertation: George Pellew and the Human Telephone
11. Textbook Austens: From McGuffey's Readers to National Lampoon
Coda: Twenty-First Century Jane Austen
Appendix: Suggested Further Reading

The Making of Jane Austen
Publication Date: 2017
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 308 pages
Illustrations: 23 halftones
ISBN: 9781421428994