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"Well written and lively throughout, Making Liberalism New is a pleasure to read."

"Clear-eyed, illuminating, and deeply insightful, Making Liberalism New expertly challenges an altogether dominant academic narrative about liberalism's naïveté, cruelty, and simple-mindedness by demonstrating that 'modern liberalism' anticipated—and incorporated—every significant criticism launched against it by the contemporary Left. This book will enrich conversations about the relationship between liberalism and radicalism and will complicate the knee-jerk equivalency of liberalism with neoliberalism."

"A lucid and compelling account of the mutually informing relationship between liberalism and modernism in twentieth-century American culture. Making Liberalism New illuminates the key role of modernist aesthetics, especially irony, in literary engagements with liberalism, while also underscoring the enduring relevance and changing forms of liberalism's constitutive tensions. An important new book that bridges modernist studies and American studies."