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"What Randall M. Packard does masterfully in his book on malaria is to integrate the biological complexity of the disease into its historical, social and economic context, even if he stops short of drawing all the obvious conclusions from the data he so ably presents."

"Useful in collections that support tropical medicine, public health, and the history of medicine."

"A fine book... This short book carries through its thoughtful approach with admirable power and consistency."

"This is an excellent and well-balanced book that will be of interest to a wide audience."

"This is an interesting read—a short, well-written, and exceptionally well-documented history and commentary on the possible control—and, hopefully, eradication—of one of the world's major diseases."

"This is a remarkable book that will be of great interest to any historian working on the history of disease and to those historians who deal with the difficult question of how to write sound and clear general histories."

"Packard's is a terrific book that will guide the next generation of medical and environmental historians as global challenges to health persist and expand in the wake of unintended environmental change."

"The Making of a Tropical Disease is a vigorously argued and accessibly narrated ecological history of malaria, a contribution as much to social medicine and studies in the political economy of disease as to medical history."

"What gives a special energy to this volume is his conviction that the history of malaria is embedded in the history of development and that the lessons of this history must be applied to contemporary development policies."

"Packard’s lightness of touch allows his book to be both enjoyable and compelling, despite the frustration and heartbreak in his story."

"An excellent and well-balanced book that will be of interest to a wide audience. It should be required reading for all those contemplating a second malaria eradication campaign."

"The author can be congratulated for having tackled such a complex and difficult topic. His research and depth of knowledge on the topic as a historian are just amazing. He has also provided excellent references for further studies."

"Authoritative, fascinating, and eye-opening."

The Making of a Tropical Disease
A Short History of Malaria
Publication Date: 2007
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.75"
Page Count: 320 pages
Illustrations: 2 halftones, 19 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421403960