Hopkins Fulfillment Services

Table Of Contents


Part I. Cancer Drugs: The Outcomes They Improve and at What Price
Chapter 1. The Basics of Cancer Drugs: Cost, Benefit, Value
Chapter 2. Surrogate Endpoints in Cancer: What Are They and Where Are They Used?
Chapter 3. The Use and Misuse of Surrogate Endpoints for Drug Approvals
Chapter 4. How High Prices Harm Patients and Society

Part II. Societal Forces That Distort Cancer Medicine
Chapter 5. Hype, Spin, and the Unbridled Enthusiasm That Distorts Cancer Medicine
Chapter 6. Financial Conflict of Interest
Chapter 7. The Harms of Financial Conflicts and How to Rehabilitate Medicine
Chapter 8. Will Precision Oncology Save Us?

Part III. How to Interpret Cancer Evidence and Trials
Chapter 9. Study Design 201
Chapter 10. Principles of Oncology Practice
Chapter 11. Important Trials in Oncology
Chapter 12. Global Oncology

Part IV. Solutions
Chapter 13. How Should Cancer Drug Development Proceed?
Chapter 14. What Can Three Federal Agencies Do Tomorrow?
Chapter 15. What Can People with Cancer Do?
Chapter 16. What Can Students, Residents, and Fellows Do?

Epilogue: The Hallmarks of Successful Cancer Policy