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List of Museum Abbreviations
Order Monotremata by Colin P. Groves
Family Tachyglossidae
Family Ornithorhynchidae
Order Didelphimorphia by Alfred L. Gardner
Family Didelphidae
Subfamily Caluromyinae
Subfamily Didelphinae
Order Paucituberculata by Alfred L. Gardner
Family Caenolestidae
Order Microbiotheria by Alfred L. Gardner
Family Microbiotheriidae
Order Notoryctemorphia by Colin P. Groves
Family Notoryctidae
Order Dasyuromorphia by Colin P. Groves
Family Thylacinidae
Family Myrmecobiidae
Family Dasyuridae
Subfamily Dasyurinae
Tribe Dasyurini
Tribe Phascogalini
Subfamily Sminthopsinae
Tribe Sminthopsini
Tribe Planigalini
Order Peramelemorphia by Colin P. Groves
Family Thylacomyidae
Family Chaeropodidae
Family Peramelidae
Subfamily Peramelinae
Subfamily Peroryctinae
Subfamily Echymiperinae
Order Diprotodontia by Colin P. Groves
Suborder Vombatiformes
Family Phascolarctidae
Family Vombatidae
Suborder Phalangeriformes
Superfamily Phalangeroidea
Family Burramyidae
Family Phalangeridae
Subfamily Ailuropinae
Subfamily Phalangerinae
Tribe Phalangerini
Tribe Trichosurini
Superfamily Petauroidea
Family Pseudocheiridae
Subfamily Hemibelideinae
Subfamily Pseudocheirinae
Subfamily Pseudochiropsinae
Family Petauridae
Family Tarsipedidae
Family Acrobatidae
Suborder Macropodiformes
Family Hypsiprymnodontidae
Family Potoroidae
Family Macropodidae
Subfamily Sthenurinae
Subfamily Macropodinae
Order Afrosoricida by Gary N. Bronner and Paulina D. Jenkins
Suborder Tenrecomorpha
Family Tenrecidae
Subfamily Geogalinae
Subfamily Oryzorictinae
Subfamily Potamogalinae
Subfamily Tenrecinae
Suborder Chrysochloridea
Family Chrysochloridae
Subfamily Chrysochlorinae
Subfamily Amblysominae
Order Macroscelidea by Duane A. Schlitter
Family Macroscelididae
Order Tubulidentata by Duane A. Schlitter
Family Orycteropodidae
Order Hyracoidea by Jeheskel Shoshani
Family Procaviidae
Order Proboscidea by Jeheskel Shoshani
Family Elephantidae
Order Sirenia by Jeheskel Shoshani
Family Dugongidae
Subfamily Dugonginae
Subfamily Hydrodamalinae
Family Trichechidae
Order Cingulata by Alfred L. Gardner
Family Dasypodidae
Subfamily Dasypodinae
Subfamily Euphractinae
Subfamily Tolypeutinae
Order Pilosa by Alfred L. Gardner
Suborder Folivora
Family Bradypodidae
Family Megalonychidae
Suborder Vermilingua
Family Cyclopedidae
Family Myrmecophagidae
Order Scandentia by Kristofer M. Helgen
Family Tupaiidae
Family Ptilocercidae
Order Dermoptera by Brian J. Stafford
Family Cynocephalidae
Order Primates by Colin P. Groves
Suborder Strepsirrhini
Infraorder Lemuriformes
Superfamily Cheirogaleoidea
Family Cheirogaleidae
Superfamily Lemuroidea
Family Lemuridae
Family Lepilemuridae
Family Indriidae
Infraorder Chiromyiformes
Family Daubentoniidae
Infraorder Lorisiformes
Family Lorisidae
Family Galagidae
Suborder Haplorrhini
Infraorder Tarsiiformes
Family Tarsiidae
Infraorder Simiiformes
Parvorder Platyrrhini
Family Cebidae
Subfamily Callitrichinae
Subfamily Cebinae
Subfamily Saimiriinae
Family Aotidae
Family Pitheciidae
Subfamily Callicebinae
Subfamily Pitheciinae
Family Atelidae
Subfamily Alouattinae
Subfamily Atelinae
Parvorder Catarrhini
Superfamily Cercopithecoidea
Family Cercopithecidae
Subfamily Cercopithecinae
Subfamily Colobinae
Superfamily Hominoidea
Family Hylobatidae
Family Hominidae
Order Lagomorpha by Robert S. Hoffmann and Andrew T. Smith
Family Ochotonidae
Family Prolagidae
Family Leporidae
Order Erinaceomorpha by Rainer Hutterer
Family Erinaceidae
Subfamily Erinaceinae
Subfamily Galericinae
Order Soricomorpha by Rainer Hutterer
Family Nesophontidae
Family Solenodontidae
Family Soricidae
Subfamily Crocidurinae
Subfamily Myosoricinae
Subfamily Soricinae
Tribe Anourosoricini
Tribe Blarinellini
Tribe Blarinini
Tribe Nectogalini
Tribe Notiosoricini
Tribe Soricini
Family Talpidae
Subfamily Scalopinae
Tribe Condylurini
Tribe Scalopini
Subfamily Talpinae
Tribe Desmanini
Tribe Neurotrichini
Tribe Scaptonychini
Tribe Talpini
Tribe Urotrichini
Subfamily Uropsilinae
Order Chiroptera by Nancy B. Simmons
Family Pteropodidae
Family Rhinolophidae
Family Hipposideridae
Family Megadermatidae
Family Rhinopomatidae
Family Craseonycteridae
Family Emballonuridae
Subfamily Taphozoinae
Subfamily Emballonurinae
Family Nycteridae
Family Myzopodidae
Family Mystacinidae
Family Phyllostomidae
Subfamily Desmodontinae
Subfamily Brachyphyllinae
Subfamily Phyllonycterinae
Subfamily Glossophaginae
Tribe Glossophagini
Tribe Lonchophyllini
Subfamily Phyllostominae
Subfamily Carolliinae
Subfamily Stenodermatinae
Tribe Sturnirini
Tribe Stenodermatini
Family Mormoopidae
Family Noctilionidae
Family Furipteridae
Family Thyropteridae
Family Natalidae
Family Molossidae
Subfamily Tomopeatinae
Subfamily Molossinae
Family Vespertilionidae
Subfamily Vespertilioninae
Tribe Eptesicini
Tribe Lasiurini
Tribe Nycticeiini
Tribe Nyctophilini
Tribe Pipistrellini
Tribe Plecotini
Tribe Vespertilionini
Subfamily Antrozoinae
Subfamily Myotinae
Subfamily Miniopterinae
Subfamily Murininae
Subfamily Kerivoulinae
Order Pholidota by Duane A. Schlitter
Family Manidae
Order Carnivora by W. Christopher Wozencraft
Suborder Feliformia
Family Felidae
Subfamily Felinae
Subfamily Pantherinae
Family Viverridae
Subfamily Paradoxurinae
Subfamily Hemigalinae
Subfamily Prionodontinae
Subfamily Viverrinae
Family Eupleridae
Subfamily Euplerinae
Subfamily Galidiinae
Family Nandiniidae
Family Herpestidae
Family Hyaenidae
Suborder Caniformia
Family Canidae
Family Ursidae
Family Otariidae
Family Odobenidae
Family Phocidae
Family Mustelidae
Subfamily Lutrinae
Subfamily Mustelinae
Family Mephitidae
Family Procyonidae
Family Ailuridae
Order Perissodactyla by Peter Grubb
Family Equidae
Family Tapiridae
Family Rhinocerotidae
Order Artiodactyla by Peter Grubb
Family Suidae
Family Tayassuidae
Family Hippopotamidae
Family Camelidae
Family Tragulidae
Family Moschidae
Family Cervidae
Subfamily Capreolinae
Subfamily Cervinae
Subfamily Hydropotinae
Family Antilocapridae
Family Giraffidae
Family Bovidae
Subfamily Aepycerotinae
Subfamily Alcelaphinae
Subfamily Antilopinae
Subfamily Bovinae
Subfamily Caprinae
Subfamily Cephalophinae
Subfamily Hippotraginae
Subfamily Reduncinae
Order Cetacea by James G. Mead and Robert L. Brownell, Jr.
Suborder Mysticeti
Family Balaenidae
Family Balaenopteridae
Family Eschrichtiidae
Family Neobalaenidae
Suborder Odontoceti
Family Delphinidae
Family Monodontidae
Family Phocoenidae
Family Physeteridae
Family Platanistidae
Family Iniidae
Family Ziphiidae
List of Museum Abbreviations
Order Rodentia by Michael D. Carleton and Guy G. Musser
Suborder Sciuromorpha
Family Aplodontiidae by Kristofer M. Helgen
Family Sciuridae by Richard W. Thorington, Jr. and Robert S. Hoffmann
Subfamily Ratufinae
Subfamily Sciurillinae
Subfamily Sciurinae
Tribe Sciurini
Tribe Pteromyini
Subfamily Callosciurinae
Subfamily Xerinae
Tribe Xerini
Tribe Protoxerini
Tribe Marmotini
Family Gliridae by Mary Ellen Holden
Subfamily Graphiurinae
Subfamily Leithiinae
Subfamily Glirinae
Suborder Castorimorpha
Family Castoridae by Kristofer M. Helgen
Family Heteromyidae by James L. Patton
Subfamily Dipodomyinae
Subfamily Heteromyinae
Subfamily Perognathinae
Family Geomyidae by James L. Patton
Suborder Myomorpha
Superfamily Dipodoidea
Family Dipodidae by Mary Ellen Holden and Guy G. Musser
Subfamily Allactaginae
Subfamily Cardiocraniinae
Subfamily Dipodinae
Subfamily Euchoreutinae
Subfamily Sicistinae
Subfamily Zapodinae
Superfamily Muroidea by Guy G. Musser and Michael D. Carleton
Family Platacanthomyidae
Family Spalacidae
Subfamily Myospalacinae
Subfamily Rhizomyinae
Subfamily Spalacinae
Subfamily Tachyoryctinae
Family Calomyscidae
Family Nesomyidae
Subfamily Cricetomyinae
Subfamily Delanymyinae
Subfamily Dendromurinae
Subfamily Mystromyinae
Subfamily Nesomyinae
Subfamily Petromyscinae
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Arvicolinae
Subfamily Cricetinae
Subfamily Lophiomyinae
Subfamily Neotominae
Subfamily Sigmodontinae
Subfamily Tylomyinae
Family Muridae
Subfamily Deomyinae
Subfamily Gerbillinae
Subfamily Leimacomyinae
Subfamily Murinae
Subfamily Otomyinae
Suborder Anomaluromorpha
Family Anomaluridae by Fritz Dieterlen
Subfamily Anomalurinae
Subfamily Zenkerellinae
Family Pedetidae by Fritz Dieterlen
Suborder Hystricomorpha
Infraorder Ctenodactylomorphi
Family Ctenodactylidae by Fritz Dieterlen
Infraorder Hystricognathi by Charles A. Woods and C. William Kilpatrick
Family Bathyergidae
Subfamily Bathyerginae
Subfamily Heterocephalinae
Family Hystricidae
Family Petromuridae
Family Thryonomyidae
Family Erethizontidae
Subfamily Chaetomyinae
Subfamily Erethizontinae
Family Chinchillidae
Family Dinomyidae
Family Caviidae
Subfamily Caviinae
Subfamily Dolichotinae
Subfamily Hydrochoerinae
Family Dasyproctidae
Family Cuniculidae
Family Ctenomyidae
Family Octodontidae
Family Abrocomidae
Family Echimyidae
Subfamily Dactylomyinae
Subfamily Echimyinae
Subfamily Eumysopinae
Subfamily Heteropsomyinae
Family Myocastoridae
Family Capromyidae
Subfamily Capromyinae
Subfamily Hexolobodontinae
Subfamily Isolobodontinae
Subfamily Plagiodontinae
Family Heptaxodontidae
Subfamily Clidomyinae
Subfamily Heptaxodontinae
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