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"This attractive book will be welcome to those seeking a well-written, current text to use in their mammalogy courses... It is logically organized, clearly written, well referenced, and nicely illustrated."

"An excellent mammalogy text... filled with wonderfully descriptive illustrations."

"Anyone teaching or studying mammalogy will be interested in this excellent textbook."

"This latest edition provides a comprehensive, well-illustrated introduction to the diversity and ecology of extant mammals... A handsome and valuable reference source for those seeking an introductory understanding of mammals."

"The Feldhamer et al. tome is still the best review reference of mammalogy as a field and one that represents the standard for an all-encompassing reference volume."

"This book provides a wealth of information on major topics in biology using examples specific to mammals."

"[Mammalogy] will challenge the student to think critically and seek to understand rather than merely remember the facts."

"Further exploration of mammalogy, as a case study in natural history and comparative phylogeny, will be richly enhanced for anyone who studies this new edition of an excellent publication. Feldhamer et al. provide a resource for comparing, contrasting, and appreciating the whole array of orders and species that make up the Class Mammalia."