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PART 1. Introduction
Chapter 1 The Science of Mammalogy
Chapter 2 Methods for Studying Mammals
Chapter 3 Phylogeny and Diversification of Mammals
Chapter 4 Evolution and Dental Characteristics
Chapter 5 Biogeography

PART 2. Structure and Function
Chapter 6 Integument, Support, and Movement
Chapter 7 Modes of Feeding
Chapter 8 Environmental Adaptations
Chapter 9 Reproduction

PART 3. Adaptive Radiation and Diversity
Chapter 10 Orders: Monotremata and Marsupials
Chapter 11 Orders: Macroscelidea, Afrosoricida, Tubulidentata
Chapter 12 Orders: Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, Sirenia
Chapter 13 Orders: Pilosa and Cingulata
Chapter 14 Orders: Scandentia and Dermoptera
Chapter 15 Order: Primates
Chapter 16 Orders: Rodentia and Lagomorpha
Chapter 17 Order: Eulipotyphla
Chapter 18 Orders: Carnivora and Pholidota
Chapter 19 Orders: Perissodactyla and Cetartiodactyla
Chapter 20 Infraorder: Cetacea
Chapter 21 Order: Chiroptera

PART 4. Behavior and Ecology
Chapter 22 Sexual Selection, Parental Care, and Mating Systems
Chapter 23 Social Behavior and Communication
Chapter 24 Movement Patterns and Spatial Relationships
Chapter 25 Populations and Life History
Chapter 26 Community Ecology

PART 5. Special Topics
Chapter 27 Parasites and Zoonotic Diseases
Chapter 28 Conservation


Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology
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Page Count: 744 pages
Illustrations: 300 color photos, 149 color illus., 22 maps, 74 charts, 115 figures
ISBN: 9781421436524