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Table Of Contents

List of Tables and Forms
Foreword, by Timothy J. Petersen, Ph.D., Jonathan E. Alpert, M.D., Ph.D., and Andrew A. Nierenberg, M.D.
1. Mental Health Basics
The Basic Steps
Sleep and Depression
Sleep Hygiene
Diet and Nutrition
Physical Exercise
Routine and Structure
Avoiding Isolation
2. Mood Disorders
Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Fatigue and Depression
Symptoms of Depression
Symptoms of Elevated Mood
Mood Chart
3. Defining Your Baseline
What Is Your Baseline?
4. Managing Your Mood Disorder
Following Your Treatment Plan
The Relationship with Your Therapist
5. Relapse Prevention
Overview of Relapse Prevention
Warning Signs
An Action Plan for Relapse Prevention
6. Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy
Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
Should Statements
Challenging and Changing Your Thoughts
Evidence for and Against
Pleasure and Mastery
7. Strategies to Get You through the Tough Times
Coping and Stress
Distress Tolerance
Communication Skills
Dealing with Family and Friends
Talking with Your Doctor
Tips for Family and Friends
8. Pulling It All Together
9. Collective Wisdom
Advice from Some Remarkable People
Books of Interest