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Table Of Contents

Part I: Managing Our Lives
1. Men's Health and Healthy Aging
2. Staying Active, with Elizabeth Conner
3. Eating Well and Less, with Elizabeth Kayajian
4. Psychology of Healthy Aging, with Clifford M. Singer
5. Men's Stress and Health
6. Social Health: Vital Relationships
Part II: Mind and Body
7. Sleep: A Necessity of Life, with Kristen Sutherland
8. Appearances: Our Bodies, Head to Toe
9. Getting in Touch with Your Spiritual Self, with David C. Wihry
10. Alcohol and Drugs, with Kristianna Hall
11. Holistic Medicine, with Kristianna Hall
Part III: Bodily Health
12. Heart Health, with Katherine Guardinoand Stefanie Tedesco
13. Cognitive Health: Memory and Memory Loss, with Elizabeth Conner and Alexandra Leichthammer
14. Men and Diabetes, with Kaitlyn Barnes
15. Genitourinary Matters and Sexual Health, with Kaitlyn Barnes
16. Bone, Joint, and Muscle Health, with Alison Ashley
17. Dental and Oral Health, with Bethany O'Dell
18. Vision and Hearing, with Cynthia Stuen
19. The Cancers
Part IV: Living with Others
20. Sexual Intimacy, with Amanda Barusch
21. Retirement
22. Caregiving: Helping Others through Difficult Times
23. End-of-Life Matters, with Stefanie Tedesco
Appendix: Places to Turn for More Information, with Jennifer A. Crittenden, Elisha M. Foss, and Lindsay Day
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