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"A short review cannot do justice to everything that Peskin has crammed into a book that should prove of interest to business, cultural, economic, and social historians."

"An exceptional study of the actors, events, and especially the ideas that laid the groundwork for industrialization in the early American republic."

"Well-structured and clearly written."

"Peskin argues that historians have focused too much attention on the process of the Industrial Revolution without properly considering the men who actually convinced the rest of society to go along for the ride."

"Manufacturing Revolution is an important work that greatly enhances understanding of the events that led to the Industrial Revolution, and scholars with interests ranging from the effects of the American Revolution to the economy of the early republic will profit much by reading it."

"This book offers strong support for interpreting the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries as setting a solid foundation for American manufacturing. Peskin provides valuable documentation that this period witnessed ferment in the debate and promotion of manufacturing."

"Peskin examines the intellectual foundations of economic growth in the early Republic."

"A cultural, social, and economic history of early American boosterism, with a fine-grained account of intellectual change on a crucial issue over a long period."

Manufacturing Revolution
The Intellectual Origins of Early American Industry
Publication Date: 1 Nov 2007
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 312 pages
Illustrations: 6 halftones
ISBN: 9780801887505