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"Mapping Disease Transmission Risk fills a gap in the current literature by addressing both the geographic and ecologic aspects of disease ecology."

"In this pioneering work... A. Townsend Peterson breaks new ground... Peterson's approach holds potentially enormous benefits for those charged with determining how disease spreads, and how to control that spread."

"His main thesis is repeated like a mantra throughout the text, and was well received by me—disease mapping must move beyond geography and better incorporate ecology and biogeography. Peterson defends this thesis over 20 (mostly very short) chapters primarily via a broad, conceptual overview focused on methodological considerations and caveats to ecological niche modeling (ENM), and through brief descriptions of numerous relevant case studies."

Mapping Disease Transmission Risk
Enriching Models Using Biogeography and Ecology
Publication Date: 26 Nov 2014
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 224 pages
Illustrations: 19 line drawings, 16 maps
ISBN: 9781421414737