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Contents:List of Illustrations
Preface to the Revised Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Time Line: The Martini Decade by DecadeThe Simple Messages of the MartiniMessage One: The Martini is American—it is not European, Asian, or African
Message Two: The Martini is urban and urbane—it is not rural or rustic
Message Three: The Martini is a high-status, not a low-status, drink
Message Four: The Martini is a man's, not a woman's, drink
Message Five: The Martini is optimistic, not pessimistic
Messgae Six: The Martini is the drink of adults, not of children
Message Seven: The Martini belongs to the past, not the present
The Simple Messages ReconsideredThe Ambiguities of the MartiniAmbiguity One: The Martini is civilized—the Martini is uncivilized
Ambiguity Two: The Martini unites—the Martini separates
Ambiguity Three: The Martini is classic—the Martini is individual
Ambiguity Four: The Martini is sensitive—the Martini is tough
Historical Background of the AmbiguitiesConclusion
Theory, Method, and Bibliography
Appendix: The Martini Glass

Martini, Straight Up
The Classic American Cocktail
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