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A New Guide to the Old Line State
second edition

A complete, compact, and reliable companion for travel anywhere in the state.

From Antietam to Assateague, from Charles County's Tobacco Road to the mountainous Green Ridge Forest, the natural and historic sites of Maryland are among the nation's richest and most diverse. Now, the newly revised and updated edition of this widely acclaimed guidebook provides a complete, compact, and reliable companion for travel anywhere in the state.

First published as a project of the Works Progress Administration in 1940 and last revised for the 1976 bicentennial, Maryland: A New Guide to the Old Line State has been reorganized, rewritten, and completely updated. Personally traveling nearly all of the 5,000 miles covered, the authors combine first-hand experience with the latest scholarly research. The result is a unique new guidebook that tells the stories of Maryland's familiar people and places and of those often overlooked. Travelers can follow Piscataway Indian trails as well as John Wilkes Booth's escape route; visit the homes of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman as well as the mansions in Annapolis and Hampton; explore the sites of the Crisfield oyster boom and Georges Creek coal rush as well as those of John Brown's raid and the Battle of Antietam. The updated Guide also provides information on the many museums and visitor attractions in Baltimore, Frederick, and other Maryland cities.

Supplementing the more than 120 archival photographs are contemporary ones by photographer Edwin Remsberg which show the immensity of changes the state has undergone. Some photos literally look down the same street or road fifty or sixty years later, revealing dramatic urban development or subtle shifts in mood. Fifty new maps by cartographer Bill Nelson offer an accurate guide to every tour.

Previous editions of this book have been hailed as definitive touring guides to Maryland. Now once more revised and updated—and this time fully reorganized—Maryland: A New Guide to the Old Line State emerges as a freshly appealing guidebook for native, newcomer, and visitor alike.