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Maryland's Civil War Photographs

'Maryland's Civil War Photographs' cover image

Maryland's Civil War Photographs

The Sesquicentennial Collection

Rare images from a border state caught between the Union and the Confederacy, secession and loyalty, slavery and freedom.

Maryland’s role in the Civil War continues to attract wide interest, study, and collection at the war's 150th anniversary. One reason is a vast photographic record of the people, places, and events surrounding the war, a legacy that breathes life into the sepia-toned past. Maryland's Civil War Photographs presents the largest collection of original Maryland-related Civil War photographs ever published. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of institutions and a small group of collectors, the compelling stories of Marylanders’ patriotism, bravery, sacrifice, tragedy, and triumph have been preserved for future generations. What we present here is a collection of the most significant outdoor views, interiors (which had to be made with only natural light), and studio portraits combined to place them in the historical context of their creation.