Hopkins Fulfillment Services

Table Of Contents


Part I: Movies
1. Good Math Hunting
2. The Clever Hand Behind A Beautiful Mind
3. Escalante Stands and Delivers
4. The Annotated Pi Files
5. Nitpicking in Mathmagic Land
6. Escape from the Cube
7. The Incredible Shrinking Room
8. Murder in the Hot House
9. A Word problem for Die Hards
10. 7x13=28
11. One Mirror Has two Faces, Two Mirrors Have...
12. It's My Turn for Some Serious Mathematics

Part II: Mathematics
13. Beautiful Math, or Better off Dead
14. Pythagroas and Fermat at the Movies
15. Survival in the Fourth Dimension
16. To Infinity, and Beyond!
17. Problem Corner
18. Money-Back Bloopers
19. The Funny Files

Part III: Lists
20. People Lists
21. Topics Lists

Movie Index