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Table Of Contents

1. Word Problems: Footprints from the History of Mathematics
2. Problems, Problems: A Resource for Teaching
3. Ancient Babylonia (2002–1000 BCE)
4. Ancient Egypt
5. Ancient Greece
6. Ancient China
7. India
8. Islam
9. Medieval Europe
10. Renaissance Europe
11. Japanese Temple Problems
12. The Ladies Diary (1704–1841)
13. Nineteenth-Century Victorian Problems
14. Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century American Problems
15. Problems from the Farmer's Almanac
16. Nineteenth-Century Calculus Problems
17. Some Sample Problem Solution Methods
18. Where to from Here? Where Do You Want to Go?
Answers to Numbered Problems
Glossary of Strange and Exotic Terms: Measurements, Monetary Units, and Culturally Relevant Words