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Table Of Contents

1. Surrealist Writing, Mathematical Surfaces, and New Geometries
Mathematical Imagery and Images
Man Ray and Mathematical Surfaces
Geometries, Flat and Curved
2. Objects, Axioms, and Constraints
Black Squares and Axioms
Geometry without Objects / Literature without Words
3. Abstraction in Art, Literature, and Mathematics
The White Paintings
Abstract Numbers
4. Literature, the Möbius Strip, and Infinite Numbers
Concrete Art
The Möbius Strip and Literature
Concrete Mathematics and Infinite Numbers
5. Klein Forms and the Fourth Dimension
In the Labyrinth
Surfaces, Mysticism, and the Fourth Dimension
6. Paths, Graphs, and Texts
Literature and Choice
Mathematical Graph Theory
A Play Based on a Graph
7. Poetry, Permutations, and Zeckendorf's Theorem
Structured and Programmed Poems
Concrete Poetry and Mathematical Images
8. Numbers and Meaning
Targets, Numbers, and Equations
Numbers: Imagined and Imaginary
Randomness, Arbitrariness, and Perfect Numbers
Dada Poetry
Disorder and Art
10. The Artworld

Mathematics in Twentieth-Century Literature and Art
Content, Form, Meaning
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Illustrations: 9 halftones, 10 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421413808