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"A broad, erudite knowledge of the many literary and intellectual lines of force which criss-cross Blanchot's substantial oeuvre."

"Bruns' study is the first in-depth study in English devoted to Blanchot's thought and, for want of a better word, theory. It is overdue and most welcome."

"Bruns's landmark study illuminates not only Blanchot's complex oeuvre but the entire intellectual horizon of French thought during the last half of the 20th century."

"As the first full English language study of Blanchot, this book is a fine introduction to the major work of this oft overlooked French master."

"Through careful analyses of this shadowy author's writings on literature, the community, interpersonal relations, and the 'disaster,' Bruns allows us to decipher for the first time the logic of Blanchot's anarchism. Beyond the obvious importance of stressing Blanchot's anarchism as a way of clearing up much of the confusions concerning the intellectual origins of current theories of the 'postmodern,' Bruns provides the reader with a most useful explication of the real starting point for Blanchot's theory: the essay 'Literature and the Right to Death.' His scholarship is absolutely sound."