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Table Of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Part I: Poetics of the Outside
1. This Way Out: An Introduction to Poetry and Anarchy
What Is Poetics?
Mallarmé: "a perspective of parentheses"
The An-arche of the Work of Art
The "Spiritual Fascist"
2. Poetry after Hegel: A Politics of the Impossible
What Is Poetry?
The Aristotelian Argument
The Mirror of Sade
From Violence to Anarchy
Existence without Being
3. Il y a, il meurt: The Theory of Writing
The Essential Solitude
Fascination of the Exotic
The Impossibility of Dying
Orpheus and His Companions
Part II: Infinite Conversations
4. Blanchot/Celan: Unterwegssein (On Poetry and Freedom)
Poetry and History
A Poetics of Nonidentity
5. Blanchot/Levinas: Interruption (On the Conflict of Alterities)
The Other Discourse
Plural Speech
December 25,1995: A Note on Friendship
6. Blanchot/Bataille: The Last Romantics (On Poetry as Experience)
The Detour of Poetry
Impossible Experience
Anthropology of the Last Man
Negative Phenomenology
The Voice of Experience
7. Blanchot/Celan: Désoeuvrement (The Theory of the Fragment)
Mad Language
Maurice Blanchot: nous n'eussions aimé répondre
No One's Voice, Again
Part III: The Temporality of Anarchism
8. Infinite Discretion: The Theory of the Event
Words without Language
The Infinitive
No More Texts
Man Disappears
9. Blanchot's "holocaust"
Concluding the Disaster
The Metaphysics of Being Jewish
Work/Death: Affliction
The Writing of the Disaster
10. The Anarchist's Last Word
The Community of Lovers
Confessions of the Everyday
Bad Conscience
Index of Names
Index of Topics