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A Medical Teacher's Manual for Success

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A Medical Teacher's Manual for Success

Five Simple Steps

Although most medical school faculty members are required to teach, the standard medical school curriculum doesn't tell them how to do it well. This book does.

An award-winning clinician-teacher, Helen M. Shields has spent her career training future doctors, researchers, and medical school instructors. Here she shares classroom-tested methods for developing, implementing, and evaluating effective curricula for medical students. Shields's five steps emphasize

• extensive behind-the-scenes preparation, with a focus on visualizing both one's own performance and the desired student feedback
• clear and logical presentations that match the material being taught
• controlled exploration of topics through prepared questions and management of group dynamics
• reinforcement of important concepts throughout the teaching session
• a five-minute summary of take-home points

Shields's easy-to-follow guide discusses what teachers should do—and what they should not do. She provides pertinent beginning-of-chapter questions, sample teaching materials, tips for last-minute assignments, and other pearls of wisdom. Shields also describes the methods of dynamic and effective instructors, offers a step-by-step approach to preparation and presentation, and relates proven ways to address a variety of expected and unexpected situations.

Innovative and practical, A Medical Teacher's Manual for Success is an essential resource for medical school faculty members who want to teach well.

A Medical Teacher's Manual for Success
Five Simple Steps
Publication Date: 3 Jan 2011
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 296 pages
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ISBN: 9780801897665