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Introduction: The Idea of "the Middle Ages" Outside Europe
Part I: Locations of History and Theory
Chapter 1. Decolonizing Medieval Mexico
Chapter 2. An Enchanted Mirror for the Capitalist Self: The Germania in British India
Chapter 3. "Most Gentle Indeed, But Most Virile": The Medievalist Pacifism of George Arnold Wood
Response. Historicism and Its Supplements: A Note on a Predicament Shared by Medieval and Postcolonial Studies
Part II: Repositioning Orientalism
Chapter 4. "Reconquista" and the "Three Religion Spain" in Latin American Thought
Chapter 5. Medievalism—Colonialism—Orientalism: Japan's Modern Identity in Natsume Soseki's Maboroshi no Tate and Kairo-ko
Chapter 6. Crossing History, Dis-Orienting the Orient: Amin Maalouf's Uses of the "Medieval"
Response. Working Through Medievalisms
Part III: Nation and Foundations
Chapter 7. Andrés Bello and the Poem of the Cid: Latin America, Occidentalism, and the Foundations of Spain's "National Philology"
Chapter 8. Postcolonial Gothic: The Medievalism of America's "National" Cathedrals
Chapter 9. An American in Paris: Charles Homer Haskins at the Paris Peace Conference
Response. Medievalism and the Making of Nations
Part IV: Geography and Temporality
Chapter 10. African Medievalisms: Caste as a Subtext in Ahmadou Kourouma's Suns of Independence and Monnew
Chapter 11. A Clash of Medieval Cultures: Amerindians and Conquistadors in the Thought of Wilson Harris
Chapter 12. Medieval Studies and the Voice of Conscience in Twentieth-Century South Africa
Response. Africa and the Signs Medievalism
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Medievalisms in the Postcolonial World
The Idea of "the Middle Ages" Outside Europe
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