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Table Of Contents

List of Maps
A Note on Names and Dates
Historians and the Sea
Approaches and Themes
1. The Waning of the Roman Mediterranean
Mare Nostrum
A Christian Mediterranean
An Eastern and a Western Mediterranean
2. Forging New Traditions
An Arabic Mediterranean
Between New Imperial Capitals
Climate Change and Collapse
3. Early Medieval Economies and Cultures
Shifting Economies and Merchant Networks
Cultural Capitals and Intellectual Exchange
Religious Life
Religious Institutions
The Rise of Religious Orthodoxies
4. Reshaping Political Communities
New Contenders for Power from the Peripheries
Christian Ideas of Holy War and the First Crusade
A Second Wave of Holy Warriors in the East and West
New Monarchs, New States
5. Crossing Boundaries
Individual and Community Lives on the Frontier
Conversion, Persuasion, and Inquisition
Mobility, Accommodation, and Acculturation
Movement of Ideas and Intellectuals
Intellectual and Artistic Cultures at Court
6. Commerce, Conquest, and Travel
Commercial Exchange and Innovations
Trade, Colonization, and the State
Competition, Conflict, and Crusade
Mobility of People
The Bubonic Plague
7. Crisis and Consolidation in State and Society
New Contenders for Power
The Fourteenth-Century Crisis
Civil Wars and Centralizing Regimes
Transitions in the Eastern Mediterranean
8. The Renaissance Bazaar
Networks of Exchange and Material Culture
Intellectual Discourses
Patronage and Power
9. Mediterranean Empires
The Ottoman Empire
Habsburg Spain
Common Friends, Common Enemies
10. Life on the Frontier
Defining and Mapping Frontiers
Migration and Movement
Mediterranean Slavery
Religion and Life on the Frontier
11. Mediterranean Transformations
The Environment
Disease and Famine
Travel and Literature
12. The Waning of the Early Modern Mediterranean
Corsairs and Slaves
Collecting the Mediterranean
Guide to Resources

The Mediterranean World
From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon
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