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"A tour-de-force piece of research and criticism that will retain its importance for many years to come. Weinbrot is at the height of his powers and I know of no other scholar who could have mastered this material the way he has. This book displays exceptional historical and critical originality."

"An impressive book."

"Weinbrot's prose is clear and sharp and witty."

"Weinbrot's impressive dissection of the Menippean branch will likely be viewed as a tour-de-force... among studies of satire."

"This admirable study makes for the thoughtful taming of an otherwise intractable form, both in the weight that it brings to bear upon its separate arguments and in the care that it applies to their articulation."

"This book... offers a strong model for determining the canon and demands that future discussions proceed with care."

"Weinbrot... is a proven scholar [and] a genial and generous student of literature, well aware of the intellectual perils involved in working his way through such an argument. He is also breathtakingly learned."

"Professor Weinbrot has provided us with a lively, stimulating and readable discussion... The author deserves our thanks for giving his readers considerable intellectual stimulation and food for thought."