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Table Of Contents


Part I. Classical Practices and Early Modern Adaptions
1 From Menippus the Gadaranean to Varro the Roman
2 Petronius, Senecs, and Julian
3 From Lucian the Debunker to Lucian the Blusher: Revolution in the Menippean Dialogues of the Dead
4 Changes: Menippus Redivivus, menippus Idem, Menippus Sensus

Part II. Menippean Satire by Addition
5 The Preeminence of Weeds: Swift's A Tale of a Tub and Its Parts
6 A Tale of a Tub: "Leze-Majetse" and Further Joining
7. Falling into the Pit: The Battle of the Books and the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit

Part III. Menippean Satire by Genre
8. A Tale of Two Cultures: Boileau's Art poetique in France and England
9. Pope's Menippean Essay on Criticism in France and England

Part IV. Menippean Satire by Annotation
10. Pope's Dunciad, Smithfield Royalty, and Subjects of Disputation
11. The Dunciad and Notable Poem

Part V. The Menippean Incursion
12. Clarissa, Elias Brand, and Death by Parentheses

Conclusion: In Which Something Is Summarized and Something about Evil Is Speculated