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"Menopause does matter, and I will be encouraging my family, friends, patients, and colleagues to read this wonderful book. Dr. Edelman provides practical advice on reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as improving sleep, memory, bone strength, and sexual pleasure. Case histories using women's own words bring the material to life."

"In a world besieged by misinformation through outrageous marketing, hype, and unproven promises, it is like a breath of fresh air to finally read a well-balanced and scientifically-based book about menopause and the issues regarding hormone and other treatments. This book will answer your questions."

"Menopause Matters covers so much more than menopause. It is a comprehensive medical guide for all women in their thirties and beyond. Especially important now, when women are being barraged with data on topics like 'bioidentical hormones,' Dr. Edelman offers expert guidance that truly will help women make informed decisions about their health."

"Wise, witty, and wonderfully up-to-date, Dr. Edelman’s compendium is the definitive guide for women navigating the perimenopausal and menopausal years. Debunking the quick fixes, explaining the hot topics in depth, offering step-by-step instructions for starting and maintaining preventive self-care—this user-friendly handbook has it all. A priceless gift."

"Resembles a sit-down talk with a trusted physician... With clarity and confidence, Edelman addresses a wide range of essential and timely topics in this information-packed primer for women entering perimenopause and beyond."

"This is both a guide through the often confusing stories in the media and a tool for taking control of one's health care."

"This user-friendly book for women approaching menopauses uses minimal medical jargon and personalizes the different topics."

"Edelman’s title is a double entendre-Menopause does impact everyone and there are many aspects to this physiologic milestone... This book is not a dictation of orders from a physician author but a careful sharing of quite important information in a manner to be retained and applied."

"Exploding many myths and unfounded guidelines, Dr. Julia Edelman takes women's health to a whole new and helpful level with this wonderful guidebook to mid-life and beyond... She approaches these topics from a perspective of respect and caring that I found both refreshing and supportive."